Pay It Forward

Thank you for your interest in Paying It Forward. With over $50 million in available scholarships in the guide your gift has the potential of giving someone the opportunity to pursue a career in aviation.  With these funds the recipient of the Scholarships Guide can fulfill their dream.

Thank you again for your generous contribution. Please select how many Scholarship Guides you wish to Pay Forward!

Number Of Scholarship Guides

Pay It Forward By Check:

Make Check Payable to :

Valeri Aviation Corporation

3616 Harden Blvd, #309

Lakeland, FL 33803

$10 = 1 Scholarships Guide

$50 = 6 Scholarships Guides

$100 = 12 Scholarships Giudes

For every $50 you contribute to the Pay It Forward Campaign we will contribute one extra scholarships guide.

Thank You For Paying It Forward:

Darrell Eggert.

William Pogue.

David Abbey.

Three Point Aviation.

The Valeri Family.

Anonymous donor in support of Pilots N Paws

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