Past Episodes

ACP169 Pilot Pay Shortage?

ACP168 Should I Instruct Or Use a Time Building Program?

ACP167 Start Your Pilot Financial Life Early With Justin Ash

ACP166 Whatever You Do, Do It Well

ACP165 CommutAir The Fastest Career Pathway Program To United

ACP164 Be an Airport Bum: Q&A with Robert Guyer

ACP163 How To Become A Flight Attendant Part 2

ACP162 How To Become A Flight Attendant Part 1

ACP161 Your Pilot Resume And Why Proper Logging Of Flight Time Is Important

ACP160 NIFA, Networking, and Recurrent Training

ACP159 Accelerated Flight Training Update With Dan Freeman

ACP158 CommutAir

ACP157 What Would You Do Different In Your Career?

ACP156 From Vice Principal To Pilot with Tim Lake

ACP155 Will I be too old by the time I get enough flight hours

ACP154 Surviving Hurricane Irma

ACP153 Tips For High-Income Pilots Part 3 - What To Do With Excess Income

ACP152 Choosing The Best Airline For Your Career

ACP151 Training for Business Aviation with Paul Grieco

ACP150 California Highway Patrol Pilot Jan Sears

ACP149 Tips For High-Income Pilots Part 2 - Saving Smart

ACP148 Life Of A Medfly Pilot with Sean Edwards

ACP147 Building Hours As A Flight Instructor, Color Blindness, and More.

ACP146 Tips For High Income Pilots Part 1

ACP145 CFI Schools, Changing Careers, and Are Low Minimums A Red Flag?

ACP144 Confidence In Your Aviation Career and Flying Freight To Build Hours

ACP143 Logbook questions, Challenges of Living on the Road, and When Do I make Six Figures?

ACP142 Should You Sign A Long Term Contract As A Flight Instructor and More Questions Answered

ACP141 The Podcast Is Moving To Lakeland, Florida

ACP140 Accelerated Flight Schools with Dan Freeman

ACP139 What Is An Aircraft Dispatcher? with Michael Karrels

ACP138 Strategies For Pilots To Build Significant Wealth

ACP137 From Flight Attendant To Airline Pilot : A Pilot’s Journey

ACP136 Overcome Challenges in Your Life and Career with Janine Shepherd

ACP135 VA Benefits Clarified and Questions Answered With Eric Crump

ACP134 Flow Through Agreements and Transitioning to a Piloting Career with Robert Guyer

ACP133 Aviation Photography with David Rodwell

ACP132 Why Disability Insurance Is Unique and Important For Airline Pilots

ACP131 Dealing with Setbacks with Lenny Primak

ACP130 From Zero to Hero and Job opportunities for UAV Pilots

ACP129 Finances and Your Airline Career

ACP128 Military Pilot Who Has Not Flown In Many Years, Changing Careers, And more listener mail

ACP127 Don’t let a setback stop you from moving forward in your career

ACP126 No Degree No Problem?

ACP125 Drone Pilot Careers with Jon Rupprecht

ACP124 I Have a six figure salary but now want to change careers

ACP123 What Specialized Training Does An Airline Pilot Receive And Your Questions Answered

ACP122 Why Pilot Salaries Don't Coincide With A Shortage Of Pilots

ACP121 - Organization Of Black Aerospace Professionals, The Coast Guard, and ExpressJet Airlines with Goliath Demisie

ACP120 Should You Become A Banner Tow Pilot? with Joe Myers of Aerial Banners Inc.

ACP119 Veteran Flight Training Benefits - Can I Have Children and Pursue An Aviation Career?

ACP118 How do I decide what to do in life

ACP117 What Is The Difference Between a Legacy and a Major Airline?

ACP116 Aero Crew News Craig Pieper and Central Florida Aerospace Academy

ACP115 I Never Believed Being A Pilot Was Something I Could Do!

ACP114 How Do Failed Check Rides Affect Employment?

ACP113 So You Want to Work in Aviation with Jennifer Adams

ACP112 How Does Bidding For Flights Work? Should I Own A Plane To Build Time?

ACP111 "The Valeri Effect" and How to Pick the Right Regional

ACP110 Is Turbine Time or Total Time Better For The Regionals?

ACP109  Air Force Loadmaster To Professional Pilot

ACP108 From Russia With Lenny - Changing Country and Careers

ACP107 Be clear on what you want your career lifestyle to look like

ACP106 Working Towards Your New Career While Supporitng a Family

ACP105 Are You Too Old To Fly?

ACP104 Making a Good Job Great

ACP103 Regionals are Hiring Are You Prepared?

ACP102 The Importance of Airline and Flight school Partnerships

ACP101 Red-eye Flying

ACP100 - Agricultural Flying Careers

ACP099 - Recurrent Training. Living on starting pay, and Flying During the Holidays.

ACP098 What Is The Best Type Of Turbine Time?

ACP097 Too old to fly? Will an Additional Degree Help Your Pilot Career?

ACP096 Air Ambulance Helicopter Pilot Sal Fragoso

ACP095 What is Ab Initio Flight Training?

ACP094 ExpressJet Airlines Pilot Interview

ACP093 How To Become a Flight Nurse With Paul Grieco RN

ACP092 How to Become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot with Pam Landis of Ocean Helicopters

ACP091 How To Avoid Complacency In Your Career

ACP090 - What Pilots Eat While Flying and Career Questions Answered

ACP089 A Creative Approach To Surviving An Aviation Downturn

ACP088 Carl’s Theory of Negativity and How to Stay Positive

ACP087 Drones and Your Aviation Career

ACP086 Social Media and Your Career

ACP085 Restarting Your Airline Career with Travis Watson

ACP084 Pilots On Food Stamps with Ben Mandell

ACP083 - Aerospace Scholarships - There Is Money Out There For You!

ACP082-Avoiding A 2 Million Dollar Mistake In Your Pilot Career

ACP081-Making a Living as a Flight Instructor and Listener Mail

ACP080 - Overseas Flying with Ed Abraham

ACP079 - Burn Out, Scholarships, and Moving Your Aviation Career Forward

ACP078 - Mission Aviation Fellowship with Ron Hilbrands

ACP077 - Planning Your Piloting Career with Angie Marshall of Cage Marshall Consulting

ACP076 - Sky Dive Pilot Dennis Downing

ACP075 - Questions from a College Grad, the CTP Requirement, Pilot Shortage, PRIA Requests, and More

ACP074 - How To Win A Scholarship with Administrator Mark Ducorsky

ACP073 - Aviation Safety and Claims Manager Dr. Benjamin Goodheart

ACP072- Airline Interview Preparation with Judy Tarver

ACP071- Live From The National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition 2014

ACP070 - Will The Regionals Hire A Pilot Over 50, Is It Too Late To Start Flying At 28, Mission Flying, and More Listener Mail

ACP069 - How To Prepare For Flight School and Flying Over Sixty

ACP068 - Flying In China With Boeing 737 Captain Doug Ward

ACP067 – Bush Flying as a Mission Pilot : The Real Story with Brian Pottinger

ACP066 - US Army Aviation and Military "Low Flyers"

ACP065 – How to Become an Airline Check Airman with Robert Guyer

ACP064 - Military Aviation Photographer Jose “Fuji” Ramos

ACP063 – Private and Corporate Aviation

ACP062 – Aviation Writing And Listener Mail with Jamie Beckett

How To Apply For A Federal Job ACP061

How To Become A Corporate Flight Attendant with Mary Lou Gallagher of Beyond And Above – ACP060

 ACP059 – How To Become An Aviation Journalist with Ian Twombly of Flight Training Magazine

ACP058 – Surround Yourself With Positive People

 ACP057 – International Airline Pilot and Mom – Karlene Petitt

ACP056 – Quality Family Life As An Airline Pilot? Single Engine time versus Multi Engine Time

 ACP055 – The Career Flight Instructor – Jason Miller and The Finer Points of Flying

ACP054 – A320 Captain and Alaska Bush Pilot – Cap’n Aux

 ACP053 – The Successful Job Fair – An Applicant’s Guide

ACP052 - Bridging the Gap, Exploring the 727 at Sun N Fun, and Moving Forward With Your Career.

ACP051 - Air Traffic Control, Air Force Academy, Working For The FAA, and Part Time Flight Instructing with Russ Roslewski

ACP050 - The Truth About The Pilot Shortage

 ACP049 - Accelerated Pilot Training And Time Building

ACP048 - Airline Cargo Specialist and Revenue Management Careers with Jesse Ziglar

ACP047 - 10 Ways To Avoid Burnout As An Airline Pilot 

ACP046 - Ten Things You Should NOT Do During A Pilot Shortage

ACP045 - Airline Pilot - Stressful, Dangerous, and Boring?

ACP044 - Career Questions with Tom Wachowski Creator of The Pilot Jobs Book

ACP043 Think Outside The Box with Len Costa of Practical Guide To Winter Flying

 ACP042 - Integrity In Your Life And Your Career

ACP041 - “Don’t Let The Effort Keep You From Your Goal” Listener Mail With Eric Crump  

ACP040 - How To Get Your FAA Dispatcher Certificate; Corporate Flight Attendant Jobs with ExecuJet Flight Coordinator Daniel Slapo 

ACP039 - Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot Steven Vigus

ACP038 - Don't Listen To The Naysayers

ACP037 - Is It Too Late, Flying Club vs 141, What University Should I Choose, Scholarships, Starting Over.

 ACP036 - Should You Leave The Military To Become An Airline Pilot?

From Computers to the Cockpit with Embraer 170 Captain Chris Olson, Developer of Bingo Fuel - ACP035 

Better Pilot Training With Eric Crump - Aerospace Program Director Polk State College - ACP034

Flying The World As A Corporate Pilot With Chris Thren - ACP033

ACP032 - Listener Mail with Tom Wachowski 

ACP031 - Inspiring The Future Of Aviation - Interviews From Sun N Fun 2013 - Part 2

ACP030 - Inspiring The Future Of Aviation - JetBlue and Sun N Fun 2013.  

ACP029 - Flying As Captain For A Major Airline With Jeff Nielsen Of The Airline Pilot Guy Podcast

ACP028 - Federal Government Careers With NTSB Accident Investigator Bill English. 

Designing Repairs On Damaged Jets with Aerospace Engineer Walter Chan - ACP027

 ACP026 - Ten Reasons You SHOULD Become An Airline Pilot With Len Costa From The Stuck Mic AvCast

ACP025 - Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream - From Air Force Thunderbird Pilot To General Aviation Pilot With Dave Coffman 

 ACP024 - Preparing For A Midlife Career Change; The Successful Part Time Flight Instructor

ACP023 - Ten Reasons You Should NOT Become An Airline Pilot. Career Questions Answered  with Tom Wachowski

ACP022 Designing Tomorrow's Airplanes With Flight Test Engineer Alan Lawless

ACP021:  Adventures Of A Police Helicopter Pilot; Interview with Darryl J. Kimball

ACP020 Land That Job: Successful Interviews and Resumes with Amanda Myers of

ACP019 You Can Be A Test Pilot, Military Aviation Careers,  Interview With Mark Jones

ACP018 Aircraft Sales, Interview with Chris Findley of My Flight Coach

ACP017 - The Successful Flight Instructor, Interview with Max Trescott 2008 National Flight Instructor Of The Year

ACP016 Building A Business While Working For The Airlines, Interview With Justin Lukasavige of Coach Radio

ACP015 Flight Attendant Careers, Interview With Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase

ACP014 - What Is Business And Private Aviation?, Interview with Corporate Pilot Tom Wachowski

ACP013 - Interview With Robert Cigliano of The New Pilot PodBlog, Starting a Flying Career in Your 40‘s, A Career At The Regionals

ACP012 - Job Prospects: Corporate Versus Airlines Jobs, Interview With Flight Time Radio

ACP011-Flying In China, Interview With WASINC President Dave-Ross

ACP010 - How To Prepare For Captain Upgrade At The Airlines, Flying the Embraer 145, A Midlife Career Change

ACP009 - Flying The Embraer 190, Some Airline Pilots Are Home Every Night, V1 Clothing, and Mental Math For Pilots

Episode 008 - Combining a Flying Career with Another Career Interview with Jamie Beckett, Publisher of Flight Monkeys

 Episode 007 - Why The Low Number Of Female Pilots?; Interview With Lynda Meeks Founder Of Girls With Wings

Episode 006 - Career Prospects Are Good for Both A Pilots And Mechanics, A Panel Discussion with Guests From National Aviation Academy

Episode 005 - Most Aviation Career positions are non flying; Interview with Max Flight a manager with a large aircraft engine manufacturer

Episode 004: College Degree Choices, Interview With Airplane Geeks, and What Color Is Your Parachute

Episode 003 - How to be a Successful Part Time Flight Instructor

Episode 002  - Seniority, Age 65 and the Pending Pilot Shortage, Interview with a professional flight simulator instructor, and a product recommendation to enhance your flying career

Episode 001 - Welcome To Aviation Careers Podcast. Why Should You Choose an Aviation Career? Interview with an expatriate pilot flying overseas. Recommended Products and Services

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