ACP153 Tips For High-Income Pilots Part 3 – What To Do With Excess Income

by CarlValeri on September 11, 2017

In this episode, we continue our new series titled “Tips for high-Income Pilots. This series will eventually be an online video course.

As a reminder, we are not allowed by law to give you financial advice but this is only general information. You should consult your financial advisor for information specific to your needs. We recommend your finding a fee-based certified financial planner who must comply with the FINRA rules and regulations. Fiduciary is important.


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Due to Hurricane IRMA we may not be able to produce an episode next week. We also discuss what happens to an airline when a hurricane is approaching.

Tips For High-Income Pilots:

What to do with excess income?

  1. Side business
  2. Investing it wisely
  3. Cash vs. self vs. business vs. investments

Side business/hobby into income considerations

  1. Keep it legitimate (hobby loss rules, proper filings, liability, etc)
  2. How to find ideas
  3. Caution with Real Estate
  4. Tax planning with a new business
  5. Upfront deductions
  6. Purchasing things wisely

Tax efficient investments

  1. Municipal bonds
  2. Index funds
  3. Master Limited Partnerships
  4. Real estate (passive and active)
  5. Where you locate your investments


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