ACP137 From Flight Attendant To Airline Pilot : A Pilot’s Journey

by CarlValeri on May 1, 2017

At least once a week I am asked by a flight attendant how they can become an airline pilot. To help understand the journey from Flight Attendant to Airline Pilot I have joining me Jim, a flight attendant with a legacy airline. Jim's journey is unique and exciting. We also discuss the qualifications and lifestyle of a flight attendant.


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We Discuss:

  • What it is like to be a flight attendant for a legacy carrier.
  • Qualifications to be a flight attendant.
  • Flight Attendant Pay and benefits.
  • As Per the BLS Median Pay was $44,860 in May 2015
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Flight Attendant Pay And Benefits
  • Journey to the cockpit.
  • Why transition to pilot now?
  • How vision standards have changed to allow many into the cockpit.
  • Accelerated flight training benefits and challenges.
  • Per BLS median pay for airline and commercial pilots was $102,520 in May 2015.
  • Timing starting flight school if intending to continue working as flight attendant.
  • What to look for in a flight school.
  • Will I have to go to a regional?
  • If not, how will I accumulate the hours needed?
  • Who do I want to work for and why?
Joe Carpenter May 3, 2017 at 12:49 pm

Terrific podcast as always Carl! I was greatly inspired by Jim and he will undoubtedly be a tremendous asset to whichever airline he gets hired with (on the pilot side).

Speaking of “moving forward today…” I’m heading out to go practice for my commercial-single checkride. After that, I’m super excited to jump in the right seat for CFI! Ultimately, I do want to make the career jump to airline pilot. People probably think we’re kinda nuts because my wife is in nursing school and we have 7 kiddos (3 of whom are 4yrs and under)! Can’t say that every day is “done well” but we’re making it happen!

CarlValeri May 9, 2017 at 2:40 pm

Thanks Joe,

I am excited you are moving one step closer towards your career goal! We will have Jim on again for updates.

You sure are busy and have your hands full but I know you will succeed!

Fly Safe!

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