ACP120 Should You Become A Banner Tow Pilot? with Joe Myers of Aerial Banners Inc.

by CarlValeri on December 12, 2016


The new ATP requirements have increased the hours to 1500 for most to be able to apply for an airline job. But how do you build the hours? You can flight instruct but what if you don’t want to teach? You can rent a plane and build hours, but what if you don't have the money? You can also purchase your own airplane and fly as much as you want, but that also requires a capital outlay.

One unique, lucrative, and outstanding opportunity to build flight time while honing your flying skills is by becoming a banner tow pilot. You will learn energy management, how to use your rudder properly, decision-making skills and more by flying as a banner tow pilot.

To help us understand the opportunities and to help answer the question “Should You Become a Banner Tow Pilot”, I am joined by Joe Myers of Aerial Banners, Inc. Joe is a commercial pilot flying charter in a Beech King Air C200 and also is a banner tow pilot with hundreds of hours behind the stick of a banner tow plane. Joe is an accomplished pilot and a great person who as you will tell by his enthusiasm loves his job and his career.


Before we begin our interview our sponsor today is Aerial Banner Inc.

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Aerial Banners also offers great career opportunities for pilots seeking a challenging and lucrative career as a banner tow pilot. To help us understand what it is like to be a banner tow pilot and discover if you should become a banner tow pilot I am joined by Joe Myers.

Joe and I discuss:

  • Why he decide to fly for a living.
  • What it is like to be a banner tow pilot.
  • The challenges of becoming a banner tow pilot.
  • The rewards of being a banner tow pilot.
  • Pay and benefits.
  • Can you really build time as a banner tow pilot?
  • Who should become a banner tow pilot?
  • Why he likes being a banner tow pilot and his favorite thing about the job.


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Aerial Advertising Targets Designated Marketing Area

  • Target geographically (region, state, city, sector, etc.)
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Aerial Advertising Statistics

  • 88% Of the people surveyed recalled the passing of the banner within the last 30 minutes.
  • 79% Of the people surveyed recalled what was advertised.
  • 67% Of the people surveyed could recall at least one-half of the message.

*2194 people surveyed on Miami Beach

This shows that aerial advertising is clearly a message that people both subliminally and actively remember!


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