ACP112 How Does Bidding For Flights Work? Should I Own A Plane To Build Time?

by CarlValeri on July 22, 2016

A320 SIMIn this episode we will read e-mails and answer questions including "How does bidding for flights work? and Should I own a plane to build time?". Don't forget to send your questions and feedback to

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Listener Feedback and Questions:

  • I'd like to know if you or your guests have any experience owning an airplane. Would it make sense to buy a cheap trainer aircraft as an easy way to start a business and employ my brother to train me as well as others to offset the cost of expensive flight hours?
  • Could you explain how bidding  works?
  • How much vacation time does a pilot get?
  • The pay where I work is substantially better than a regional and  I am unsure whether I should make the jump to a regional.
  • Which regional should I choose?
  • How do you log right seat time?
  • Here in Australia I'm really struggling to get my aviation career off the ground.
  • From listening to the podcast, it sounds like there are more jobs that need to be filled in the USA. Is this really the case?
  • When should a CFI be a contractor vs employee?
  • When should a CFI buy insurance and what type of insurance?
  • There are TONS of side jobs available in the UAV industry.
  • Veterans Jobs Mission

Picks Of The Week:

Paul - The Advanced Pilots Flight Manual

Carl - Christine's Stunning Night Landing!- YouTube

Advanced Holding Patterns Video Series, Video 1:

abdo omar aden August 5, 2016 at 2:40 pm

Hi my name is abdo amis student at university Of djibouti i want to be airplane could you please add me tais scholarchips please help me if you agree please send me our answers
By Abdo omar aden

CarlValeri September 12, 2016 at 12:44 pm

Hi Abdo,

Please visit our Scholarships Page at


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