ACP098 What Is The Best Type Of Turbine Time?

by CarlValeri on November 12, 2015

What is the best type of turbine time on your path to the majors? Welcome To Episode 98. We will answer this and many more questions in another episode where we answer your questions. Joining me today is Paul Grieco, airline pilot, nurse, and scholarships analyst.

What is the best type of turbine time and more questions:

  • Will I really love flying for the rest of my life?
  • Would I have some free time to do what I love?
  • Would I make enough money as a pilot to afford all I want to do?
  • Would I have time for family as an airline pilot?
  • I just finished episode 94 with ExpressJet and it came at just the right time.
  • Would my experience with the turbine PIC along with a year as a regional FO make me a strong candidate for the legacies?
  • If I am flying at the 135 operation do you think that attending OBAP and WAI job fairs will be enough to get a call from a legacy?
  • Do I just have to deal with first-year regional pay if I want a decent chance at a legacy or the major of my choice?
  • I was wondering what are some things I can do starting now that will distinguish me from the crowd when applying to pilot positions at the regionals and majors?
  • What is the best path to the majors turbine regional or turbine fractional?
  • Does buying time destroy the industry?
  • I am currently a 32-year-old. If I chose to change my career, do you recommend the ATP fast track?
  • Can you provide information on the cost of your coaching services?


Coaching Page

ACP094 ExpressJet Airlines Pilot Interview

Scholarship of the week:

ExpressJet Airlines Employee Scholarship

Sherman Kensinga November 13, 2015 at 8:43 am

Will you always love flying? Yes, probably, but you will love other things as well. At many points in a pilot’s career the job will take away from other things like family, friendships, community, hobbies, interests, religion, fitness, personal health and safety, etc. I’ve worked closely with military and airline pilots and instructors for many decades now, I’ve never seen them so unhappy, and changes happening right now are not good for them. Changes I see coming next include eliminating right-seaters in cargo through DARPA’s ALIAS program, which is going very well for the airline industry. Look carefully before you leap. If you earn a decent living you will always have your pilot license, and always be able to fly occasionally. As a pilot/nurse, you would be incredibly valuable as a volunteer pilot at the many charities like Mercy Flight, Wings of Mercy, etc.

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