Veteran Benefits and Information

Welcome Veterans! This information resources was created to show our support and appreciation for those who currently serve or have served in the Armed Forces.

At Aviation Careers Podcast we focus on benefits and careers for individuals interested in Aviation and Aerospace. With that said, much of the information below is valuable to all Veterans. Please feel free to share this page with your friends, relatives, and Veterans.

Important Information All Veterans Should Have:

Federal Benefits For Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors

Scholarships For Military Families

Veterans Benefits GI Bill - Education and Training Home Page

GI Bill - Flight Training Flight Training

Obtain your DD 214 and Other Military Service Records

DD 214 Explained

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Andy Meyer April 23, 2017 at 2:15 am

Quick, Important, BAH Note.

Short Version: a student studying with a 141 school partnered with a community college will receive the BAH rate of where the community college is located. NOT the flight school the student is attending.

Long version: I’ve recently started listening in the past 48 hours and I’ve learned so much already. I’m a private pilot ,120+ hours, active duty navy and looking to get out to fly .
I had the original plan of doing that before my first enlistment was up. But once I started looking at finaces I realized the BAH rate for the area I was living in would not cut it. Now that I’m grounded and have a very supportive wife, my plan is to once again , get out and go to school.
I’m currently looking at Hillsboro aero academy in Portland, or. Which is partnered with Portland community college. In this instance my BAH rate will match the area I’m living in since the community college is actually in the same area.

One school I looked at in Hawaii was partnered with a community college out of Alabama. Could you imagine living on the island with a BAH rate from a zip code in dixi?

If you have any questions I need to clarify please call.


Eric July 10, 2017 at 9:23 am

Did you know that if you retire from the military you will no longer be eligible for the GI Bill?


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