Why Sponsor An Episode? 

  • We are the #1  aerospace careers podcast.
  • Your support helps others discover the many careers in aerospace.
  • Sponsorship supports the growth of the largest Aerospace Scholarships Directory.
  • The show reaches your target audience.
  • Over 400,000 total downloads.
  • Average 4,000 downloads per episode.
  • Listeners will hear your message in various formats: the internet, mobile device, online car radio, internet enabled television, and more.
  • Your message remains in the episodes for future downloads.
  • The host, Carl Valeri, is an active speaker in the aerospace community and has been featured on various radio and television broadcasts.
  • Sponsor an episode and Inspire Listeners To Pursue Their Dream.

Single Episode $200 :

  • A 60 second advertisement read by one of the hosts during the episode.
  • An banner advertisement within the show notes of the episode and remains in the notes indefinitely.
  • A reference within the opening of the episode. Example: “This episode is sponsored  by YOUR COMPANY/NAME”
  • A reference in the closing of the episode.
  • A Link To Your Website in the show notes.

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