ACP142 Should You Sign A Long Term Contract As A Flight Instructor and More Questions Answered

by CarlValeri on June 12, 2017

Welcome to the Inspirational, Informational, and Transparent Aviation Careers Podcast. Today Robert Guyer Joins me to Answer your questions, including one about whether you should sign a long term contract as a flight instructor.


If you are looking for coaching, the schedule has been getting really tight. If you are having trouble getting booked in the schedule please send an email to and we will try to get you fit in. I've been moving, as well as flying some red eye flights so it has been tough but I may be able to get you in while I am on the road.


Carl and Robert discuss If You Should You Sign A Long Term Contract As A Flight Instructor and More:

  • How the Cape Air to JetBlue program works
  • Should a CFI sign a long-term (1 year) contract, which could prevent them from moving on in their career?
  • Is an offer from a regional or major airline likely or a long shot when I barely meet the minimums?
  • Training on the weekends vs. training full time and part 61 vs. part 141
  • Can I get a first class medical when I am on a medication for anxiety?
  • Went through Civil Air Patrol for flight training, would love to share my experience.
  • 46 years old, Assistant Principal at a High School, never thought I could be a pilot, but now working towards a career change. What freelance flying jobs can I find to supplement CFI income? If pursuing a corporate aviation career, is it realistic to get hired at my age? Would a Masters in Education be valuable to the major airlines as a degree?
  • Robert has flown with a Captain that did some "high altitude gliding."

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Photo Credit: Jeff Kennon

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