ACP141 The Podcast Is Moving To Lakeland, Florida

by CarlValeri on June 5, 2017

The Podcast Is Moving To Lakeland, Florida! When choosing a career and where you want to live there are many factors you must consider. Some want to be close to work, others wish to be near their recreational activities, and others choose a town with good schools. One of the greatest benefits of being a crew member with an airline is your ability to live anywhere in the world. So why did we choose Lakeland, FL? We will discuss that below.


Coaching : Career Change Plan Of Action, Interview Prep, Resume and Cover Letter review.

Listener Questions and Feedback:

The school financing debacle is happening again.

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Better Business Bureau Online Complaint form

Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant

How To File A Consumer Complaint

Color Blindness

Why We Are Moving to Lakeland:

  • Location close to base.
  • Driving distance to two pilot bases.
  • Between two cities my company serves making it easy to commute to any base in the system.
  • Many aviation venues and air shows within 100 miles of Lakeland.
  • More opportunities to meet you the listener.
  • Close to Polk State College.
  • Sun N Fun Campus
  • Opportunity for me to fly more recreationally.
  • Compromise on living on an airport now we are living near one.

Feedback on Meetup and social events.

Map and Directions To Lakeland Airport

Pick Of the Week:

Officials cut ribbon on new NOAA Aircraft Operations Center

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