ACP139 What Is An Aircraft Dispatcher? with Michael Karrels

by CarlValeri on May 15, 2017

Did you know that an aircraft dispatcher shares fifty percent of the operational control of a flight with a captain? A career as an aircraft dispatcher can be both rewarding and is not very well known by the traveling public. Today I have with me Mike Karrels who will help us understand the role of a dispatcher and discuss the rewarding and lucrative career of an airline dispatcher.


Michael and I Discuss Being an Aircraft Dispatcher:

Pick Of the Week:

Flying in Life: Mike's podcast about being a dispatcher

Here are some Links to Video's and articles of different operation centers - Some are a bit like Ad's:

United Airlines:

Touring the United Airlines Network Operation Center in Chicago

United launches new Network Operations Center


This one room in Atlanta acts as a mission control for all of Delta's planes

This is our video for dispatchers and explains the job


Southwest NOC

Jet Blue

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