ACP131 Dealing with Setbacks with Lenny Primak

by CarlValeri on March 20, 2017

Lenny PrimakIn this episode I am joined by Lenny Primak to Help answer a listener mail and to discuss setbacks in your life and career. Lenny has some inspirational statements to help you through challenges in your caeer.


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Listener Questions and Feedback:

A listener email about Lenny Primak, and finding out more about his journey. Since you asked, Carl has Lenny back again to discuss his story!

Lenny and Carl Discuss:

  • How to get started in an Aviation career and how Lenny did it.
  • Lenny recommends either going to an accelerated program, or finding an instructor who can devote 3 weeks to you solidly.
  • Lenny spent 10 years in the right seat, dealing with airline problems that prevented him from advancing.
  • Excessive preparation is key before every step in your career.
  • Carl and Lenny discussed quality of life and the pros and cons of becoming a Captain vs. staying First Officer at a senior level.
  • Know your goal, convert it into a todo list, and then don't give up or get overwhelmed!

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