ACP130 From Zero to Hero and Job opportunities for UAV Pilots

by CarlValeri on March 13, 2017

Nate Tennant Zero to Hero
In this episode we talk to Nate Tennant, a fan of the podcast who did the "Zero to Hero" program from All ATP. Nate is a 26 year old CFI, MEI, CFII currently working for 2 companies in Atlanta. One of which is flying unique and vintage airplanes for a youtube channel.

Nate and I discuss:

How he developed his passion for aviation.

Side jobs available in the UAV industry.

ATP or other fast track programs. Nate went from zero hours to fully certified CFI in 8 months and so can you!

Pick Of the Week:

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Gold Seal's Remote Pilot Channel

Gold Method Online Pilot Testing

Gold Seal's FAA Ground School

Gold Seal's UAV Ground School

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