ACP129 Finances and Your Airline Career

by CarlValeri on March 6, 2017

Welcome to the podcast where we inspire and educate you on moving forward in your career and your life. One of the most important and many times undiscussed aspects of our airline career is your personal finances.

In episode 82 we discussed “Avoiding A 2 Million Dollar Mistake In Your Pilot Career” we received much feedback from our listeners and have been asked many questions regarding personal finance. Although I spend much of my time coaching clients on putting forth a plan for their finances while persuing a career in aviation, what do should you do now when you finally land your dream job of being a pilot.

Today I have with me Andy Garrison who is a financial planner and someone who focuses on the unique aspects of finances and a career as a pilot. We are excited to have Andy on the show to discuss financial considerations while considering a career in aviation.


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We discuss:

  • Why pilot finances are unique.
  • How do you build wealth
  • Beginning your wealth during your career.
  • Financial Considerations when choosing a career as an airline pilot.
  • When should you start saving for retirement.
  • Unique aspects of health insurance for pilots.
  • Disability insurance.

Pick Of the Week:

Airspeed & Money: Reach your Full Financial Potential!

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