ACP125 Drone Pilot Careers with Jon Rupprecht

by CarlValeri on February 6, 2017

Thinking of becoming a drone pilot? Want to know what opportunities are available in this new and exciting field of aviation? Want to know the future of drone careers?  Today I have with me Jon Rupprecht, drone attorney to answer these questions and discuss drone pilot careers.

Jonathan has made numerous media appearances on the topic of drones as a drone attorney. His legal analysis of drones has been sought after by major media networks and drone industry-specific media. Not only have the networks reached out to him for his analysis, they have cited his legal works when reporting on major drone-related stories.

Jon and I discuss:

  • Careers as a drone pilot.
  • The future of the drone industry.
  • Potential risks to your manned pilot certificate.
  • Cautions when combining a career as a drone pilot and a manned aircraft pilot.
  • The bright future of drones and careers in the drone business.
  • Why manned aircraft pilots make good drone pilots and it is not about the flying.


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