ACP103 Regionals are Hiring Are You Prepared?

by CarlValeri on February 6, 2016

ExpressJet Offers Job To Seven Polk State Aerospace Students

Welcome to episode 103 of the podcast where we give you an inside look at all aviation and aerospace careers. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years you would never have noticed the increasing lack of qualified pilots in the pool of applicants. All the airlines both regional and major have necessitated the reduction in their hiring minimums to keep up with the demand of pilots.

For the past few years I get one question from listeners almost on a monthly basis: are the regionals really hiring and if there truly is a pilot shortage? My answer is yes and yes. There is a lack of qualified pilots. The regional airlines have recognized this and have been offering many incentives including higher pay, signing bonuses, and bonuses for finding new recruits to name a few. We are also starting to hear about more deals with the majors allowing a path directly to a larger jet.

With all this hiring and incentives to recruit pilots, you would think that you are a shoe in to get a job. My advice to you is to not get complacent during this hiring cycle. Even thought you may have heard me say that if you can fog a mirror you can get an interview with a regional airline, that doesn’t mean you will get the job. You still need to pass the interview, complete the training, and the background checks to name a few. So let's get started with this episode and let me start with a question for you: “The regionals are hiring but are your prepared?”

Joining me today is Paul Grieco, Flight Instructor, Regional Airline Pilot, and soon to be Captain.

Regionals are Hiring Are You Prepared? Well here is how to become prepared for your upcoming job and interview:

  • Research the company and be prepared to answer why you want to work for the airline.
  • Understand your commuting options.
  • What are the current stock prices and financial results.
  • Know recent announcements in the news.
  • Know the upper management and the person who might be at your interviews such as the Chief Pilot or head of personnel.
  • Do you have the information or Gouge on the interview?
  • Have you practiced for the interview?
  • What technical information do you need to know?
  • Can you pass a ten-year background check?
  • Do you have a DUI in your background and do you understand the implications with flying to Canada?
  • Disclose all information.
  • Can you remember technical details about the last plane you flew?
  • Know your IFR procedures inside and out. If you are an Instrument Instructor that will help.
  • Understand airline systems as much as possible.
  • Be yourself and be able to explain how you will be a positive asset to the airline.
  • Remember airlines hire future Captains, not First Officers.

Pick of The Week:

Carl - Turbine Pilots Flight Manual

Paul - The Advanced Pilot's Flight Manual (The Flight Manuals Series)

Scholarship of the week:

Alex Sheves Memorial Scholarship Award

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