ACP096 Air Ambulance Helicopter Pilot Sal Fragoso

by CarlValeri on October 30, 2015

Air Ambulance Helicopter PilotWhen someone is injured and in need of assistance, the first thing many people think of is an ambulance to rush them to the airport. What happens when the victim is in a remote location, or stuck in heavy traffic, or the hospital is too far away? This is where the Air Ambulance comes in.

Sal Fragoso is an Air Ambulance pilot working in New York City, where a traffic jams can put a patient's life in mortal danger. He has also worked in the Southwestern US, where the distance to a hospital, even without traffic, could be life-threatening for a patient. He is here to speak with us about  working as a helicopter pilot in the tour and medical industries.

In This Episode we discuss:

  • How to become an Air Ambulance Pilot as a civilian.
  • How Sal was able to obtain his career goal.
  • Ways to build time as a helicopter pilot.
  • Job Prospects for Helicopter Pilots.
  • The rewards and challenges of becoming a Helicopter Pilot.
  • Advice to those looking to move forward with a career as a Helicopter Pilot.

Scholarship Of The Week:

HAI/WAI Initial Helicopter Scholarship

Pilot James vella November 24, 2016 at 1:35 am

Hello my name is James Vella and my new goal in life is to save lives. I have a divine mission sent from god to live this dream. I know I will get there but I’ll take any advice I can get to for fill this dream. I am a highly skilled individual with an iq of 181, so I know I’m capable for suprassong the mediocre pilot to a point where I can make a differ ncr in this world. Any advice would highly be appreciated.

Craig Munro December 4, 2016 at 9:41 pm

A truly insightful and motivating episode. My partner and I listened to this episode yesterday and I’m contacting Helicopter flight schools in the US today.
Sal has gone a long way to debunk a lot of my own misconceptions.
It’s time I follow my heart and get started pursuing my dream of flying Helicopters. It’s only taken 15 years and listening to this podcast to get me there!

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