ACP088 Carl’s Theory of Negativity and How to Stay Positive

by CarlValeri on August 8, 2015

Welcome to episode 88. I'm here with Tom Wachowski and Eric Crump to discuss how you can stay positive when all you hear is negativity. I encourage you to view the video I posted in episode 038 of Arnold Schwartzenaeger about not listening to the "naysayers". It's very inspiring and is key to our discussion in this episode.

  • Negative people are often the loudest.
  • Carl's story about a former fighter pilot working as an airline captain that loves his job.
  • Eric relates some of the struggles he had becoming a pilot, and starting the Aviation Program at Polk State.
  • Be careful who you share your dreams with. Family and friends can be the most negative, find a mentor with experience doing what you want to do.
  • Work on the things you can control, don't let the things you can't control draw you down.
  • Tom says it is important to distinguish between negativity and reality. Sometimes you need to decide not to do something for a good reason.
  • Look for people who positively inspire you to make the best decisions, not just fill you up with sunshine.
  • When giving correction and criticism, it is much better to continue to stay positive.

Listener Feedback

  • Scholarships for foreign students
  • Bachelor's degree questions related to hiring such as whether airlines prefer an aviation related degree.
  • Scholarships for Europeans.
  • Switching companies after training.
  • Opinions on whether Social Media should be used to determine hiring.
  • Pay shortage vs. pilot shortage.
  • Questions on color blindness.

Scholarship of the Week:

Colorado Pilots Association

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