ACP069 – How To Prepare For Flight School and Flying Over Sixty

by CarlValeri on October 4, 2014

MI From 410This week we have another Question and Answer Session with Tom Wachowski. Some of the things we cover are preparing for flight school and flying over sixty.

Listener Mail:

I'm an aviation enthusiast and I wish to go to flight school in 12 months time. What can I do right now to prepare me for flight school?

I Would love to hear a discussion about aviation career opportunities for those guys who are older (60+). Seems as though all of the scholarships and show segments are geared toward the younger generation.

The Aviation Instructor's Handbook available as a free public domain audiobook from

An update on a listener's pursuit of changing careers after 20 plus years in the same industry.

I am in information technology sector based out of india. I have around 5 years of experience. I wanted to enter aviation field. What are my chances?

Do you think in home flight simulators will help with the instrument rating? I want to make the most of my money and be a safe consistent pilot.

A student pilot at age 35 looking for a new career wants to know if he can make a livable wage working at a regional.

Is the Sporty's ground school a good one ?

A listener's dream is to one day make it to at least the Regionals as a pilot and discusses his dream of becoming an aviation photographer.

A Career changer discusses getting cold feet.

I am currently a school music teacher, so aviation right now is a pipe dream/hobby. Still, I am having so much fun learning about the industry. Your guests are incredible. You seem to find the best of the best.

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Pay at Horizon or any of the airlines can be found at the website will fly for food.

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