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CarlSunset @FlyingCareers Carl Valeri has over twenty-five  years of flying experience. For the past twelve years Carl has been assisting pilots find jobs and obtain interviews with numerous airlines in the United States and throughout the world. Carl has discovered many helpful resources for those considering an aviation career or trying to advance in their career. Carl is an active aviation blogger, speaker, and podcaster. You can e-mail Carl or any of the hosts at : All of his activities can be found at his blog

EricTheHappyFlyer @SeeEricGo Eric Crump is a passionate aviation evangelist. He is the Aerospace Program Director for Polk State College in sunny Lakeland, Florida, where he enjoys sharing aviation with more than one hundred excited future aviators and administrators. Flying airplanes since the age of 13, Crump has a love for aviation that he can't help but share with others.

@TomWachowski is an Aviation Professional focused on safety, service, and leadership to reduce risk and increase value in business and corporate flying. His background spans two decades in aviation from flight instruction, regional airline, and charter flying to corporate flight operations including numerous support projects. With an ATP, Lear, and Challenger experience, today Tom flies a Falcon 2000 with a Fortune flight department in the United States. You can find Tom online at

@PilotP151 Paul Grieco is a professional aviator with over 15 years of flying experience operating as a helicopter medevac nurse, charter pilot, flight instructor, and airline captain. Over the course of his career, Paul has mentored many pilots and nurses, and helped them move forward with their careers. For the past year, Paul has enjoyed coaching, and providing pilots with the necessary tools to obtain their dream job at the airlines. Additionally, Paul has assisted with the development of the Aerospace Scholarships guide. Paul can be reached by email at

@Pilot_Planner Andy Garrison is a private pilot, a Certified Financial Planner™, and holds an MBA. He has over 22,000 hours “in type” advising and coaching people to reach their full financial potential and is passionate about helping pilots exercise wise “Financial Decision Making.” He is also the author of Million-Air: Strategies For Pilots To Build Significant Wealth. If you’re a pilot and there’s a dollar sign involved, he wants to help! You can find Andy at

Rob Guyer is a professional Airline Pilot with a major US Carrier. He has been flying for two decades with over twelve years flying for the US airlines. Rob first began flying in High school and is thrilled to see people succeed in their career goals.

He also enjoys long walks on the beach in proper non-rev attire!..........


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Jeffrey Carrithers December 5, 2016 at 3:45 pm

Dear Hosts,

I would like to request a link addition to your scholarship offerings if I may. Please review the Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship at the link placed in your form for further details or of course make reach out to me if needed.

Thank you and thank you for promoting aviations future.

With best regards,

Jeffrey Carrithers
Connecting the Aviation Industry


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