ACP086 Social Media and Your Career

by CarlValeri on June 23, 2015


RedBirdPolkStateDo you have a social media policy for your career? Welcome to the podcast where we inform, motivate, and give you an inside look at the many aviation careers. Some of our favorite co hosts join us. First , Eric Crump, Aerospace Director at Polk State College and a passionate aviation educator. We also have Tom Wachowski, Corporate Pilot and career advocate. Welcome to the show Eric and Tom!

Before we begin our show today I have a few announcements

Announcements / Shout outs:

  • Scholarships Guide Update: The PDF file has been fixed and the links and index now work.
  • Karissa strickland, one of Eric's students completed the Commercial Pilot Certification! She can now get paid to fly, and is a huge asset to the Polk State Aerospace program.
  • Aviation Careers Podcast is celebrating it's 3 years anniversary
  • Derek Lagasse - Scholarship.
  • Membership clarification.
  • We are raising money for the Polk State Flight Team, and you can help!
  • New Veterans Page

Your social media policy for your career:

  • What social media should you use. -facebook, twitter, linkedin
  • How to prevent a career limiting move on social media.
  • How to use social media to your advantage.
  • What you should not do on social media.
  • How long does a picture last on social media
  • Who sees your social media….everyone!
  • Social media grows professional relationships.


Scholarship of the week:

Lockhart Smith Jr. Scholarship


Aviation Careers Child To PilotWe are starting a new series for those looking for careers in aviation. There are many opportunities for those who are ready to interview, such as this very promising opportunity as a Pilot in China. Occasionally we will focus our Aerospace Job Opportunities on a specific category such as "Regional Airline Mechanic" so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to receive these updates, notifications of new podcast episodes, and more. Click Here To Sign Up For Our Newsletter or enter your information to the right of this screen.

Job Title: B737Efis and NG Captains for Fuzhou Airlines
Location: Fuzhou City, China
Salary: Total contract amount up to $264,000 (see site for details)
Company: Fuzhou Airlines

Job Title: Senior Aircraft Mechanic
Location: Rome, NY
Salary: Negotiable
Company: Reliance Aerotech Services

Job Title: Avionics Proposal Writer
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Salary: Negotiable
Company: Banyan Air Service


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