carlwithrossanddevildogWelcome to episode 115 of the show that answers your questions, motivates you to follow your dream, and pursue an exciting aviation career! Carl is joined by Eric Crump and Paul Grieco to answer your questions.

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Topics in this Episode:

  • I Never Believed Being A Pilot Was Something I Could Do!
  • I have my Associates degree. Should I postpone completing  my Bachelor's degree and finish my ratings now?
  • Scholarships for Veterans.
  • How to  search the scholarships directory.
  • What can I do at the beginning of my training to become a better pilot and increase my chance of obtaining a job?
  • What do airlines look for when hiring new pilots? Certifications, time for flight hours, etc.
  • Benefits of changing schools or using more than one instructor.
  • Opportunities to fly for International Airlines.
  • GI Bill benefits explained.
  • Corporate and air taxi flying.


ACP114 How Do Failed Check Rides Affect Employment?

by CarlValeri on September 2, 2016

ThuderstormsAndSunIn this episode we focus on the question how do failed check rides affect employment? Eric Crump joins me today to answer this and more aviation career questions.


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  • I Failed both an oral and flight portion of my check ride, what do I do?
  • My concern is if I leave my job, instruct, and then interview for the airlines and not get a job because of my disapprovals.
  • Should I give up on my dream of becoming an airline pilot?
  • I am Debating skipping last year of college to build hours. What is more important a college degree or jumping one year ahead?
  • Accelerated training programs discussed.
  • Dealing with a company showing poor integrity, wants to interview but afraid will get fired for interviewing.
  • Questions on flight training and scholarships from Africa.
  • Older worker, wants to know what his options are to become a pilot.
  • Questions on Great Lakes Airlines hiring part time pilots.


Career Coaching and Interview Preparation

Aerospace Scholarships 

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