JoseCockpitThe warm amber light slowly pours over a sleepy little town like maple syrup. As I climb out of one thousand feet I wish I can’t stop thinking how I wish I could share this beauty with everyone. But there is a person whose job it is to share the excitement, serenity, and awe inspiring views of our gravity defying world. That is the job of the aviation photographer.

Today I have with me an aviation photographer with the unique ability to capture the essence of flight! Jose “Fuji” Ramos is one of the most talented and respected photographers in the aviation industry and is going to share with us his unique perspective on careers as an aviation photographer.

José is a multifaceted, award winning, aviation photographer based in Lakeland, Florida. For the past 22 years, he has documented military aviation subjects all over the United States. Currently NATOPS qualified as a select passenger for flight in all aircraft types operated by the US Navy, José has logged flight time in various high-performance aircraft including the F-14B Tomcat, F/A-18B/D Hornet, F/A-18F Super Hornet, S-3B Viking, TA-4J Skyhawk, F-5F Tiger II, EA-6B Prowler and the SH-60F/H Seahawk.

  • Jose and I discuss:
  • How he was able to combine a passion for aviation with a passion for photography
  • His path towards his career as an aviation photographer
  • The rewards of being an aviation photographer
  • Jose shares some of his most memorable moments
  • The challenges of being a photographer
  • Advice for those seeking a career in aviation photography

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Tom-Left-Seat-604-150x150This week we welcome back one of our repeat guests Tom Wachowski to discuss Corporate Aviation, flying aircraft owned by private companies to transport their employees for business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Hiring a non-pilot aircraft owner (such as someone who owns a Saratoga and needs a pilot to fly them places)
  • How does a corporation hire a pilot for a day, what is the rate range? ($250-$1500 per day depending on the size of the airframe)
  • Dressing for success and professionalism
  • Network at the local airport, get your name out there and be seen as a pilot
  • Finding a private pilot job could help you get ratings on larger aircraft as the employer upgrades aircraft
  • Using pilot placement services to find jobs
  • Don’t be too cocky and act like you know everything, ask for advice
  • Remember that the person you are speaking to today might be interviewing you tomorrow

Scholarship of The Week:

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National Business Aviation Association

Aviation Personnel International

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